Above: *Being Logo | 私のサイトのロゴ

What is Being Through Art?

A place to openly discuss mental health without judgment; complimented by my contemporary art, through which I share my own experiences with eating disorders and depression, with the hope of raising awareness and reducing stigma.

*Being Marie Tomeoki – Logo:
Ojizo-sama – the figure in the Being Marie Tomeoki logo, is a Japanese divinity of guardian and protection, accessible to everyone and culturally significant to me.

I chose Ojizo-sama as a symbol for my website, as he represents a safe place (physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, etc) for those journeying through life (or the internet).

With the Ojizo-sama looking out for us all, and contemporary art full of imagination and color, I hope to spread mental health/illness awareness, end associated stigma, and promote positive affirmation.

Curiously, art has the ability to allow us to reflect on aspects of our lives that we may otherwise not have been so aware, and gives us a medium to speak about and through. Sometimes, all we need to voice ourselves and be heard is to be given the opportunity to share.

My universal truths; beliefs; life and work ethic:

-To BE.
-No bullshit.
-Pure honesty backed by responsibility of existing.
-Exuberant, unique, dimensional, and in the ‘now’.
-Determined, and disciplined.
-Curious of the unknown and the possibilities of future breaking of the boundaries of self-expression.
-Experiential art.
-Freedom and energy of movement and life.







-To BE

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