Marie Tomeoki – On BEING & Contemporary Art:

Marie Tomeoki, 30 is a modern, contemporary artist from Tokyo, Japan, whose paintings draw on her life experience. Her art evolves constantly, as she strives to provoke interest and stimulate your imagination. She recently had her first solo exhibition in Toronto, with over 120 people attending the opening night. The exhibition not only introduced the art community to her refreshing work, but also raised mental health awareness, which is close to Marie’s heart.

Where were you born, where did you grow up?.

Born in Tokyo, Japan, I moved to Nagoya when I was only 1, then back to Tokyo. My father worked for an International company, so I never really settled, later moving to the USA (Detroit, Columbus, then Indianapolis). By the time high school started I moved back to Tokyo, Japan, until I graduated high school; then I moved to Toronto, Canada to attend University.

Have you always been interested in art?.

My family comes from a long-line of Japanese tea ceremony and flower arrangement masters, and from the international business world. Being exposed to such artistic influences definitely made an impact on the artist I am today.

Aside from my creative family background, I began training in classical ballet when I was 4; when I was 12 I knew ballet was something I wanted to pursue as a career and started training on a professional level seven days a week. With dance comes a need for discipline and determination; learning about the art of movement and the many dimensions of the profession. These aspects have made me who I am and influenced my art.

In art classes at school, I often drove the teachers crazy by creating something so unique they couldn’t define it or give feed back. Whilst other classmates worked with pastels and pretty colors, in contrast my work would be monotone,; there were many situations like these.

What was your first ever drawing?.

My first ever drawing was of a Blue Power Ranger. My parents thought it strange that it wasn’t of a dog or relative or something more ‘normal’. I suppose it looked more like a blueberry with twigs sticking out of its sides but it was definitely a Blue Power Ranger.

When did you first consider a career in visual arts?.

When I had to stop ballet due to doctor’s orders, I needed another form of expression, this initially came through paper cut outs, which then developed into something more elaborate. This process began while I was in an inpatient psychiatric hospital program, first for anorexia and bulimia, later for chronic depression and anxiety disorders.

What influences you in your art?.

The inner workings of our minds, psychology and emotions have obvious impact, but as I watch and process the world around me real societal issues arise frequently in my work. Stories and life experiences play an important part, including Japanese cultural heritage as well as the other cultures I have adapted to throughout my life (even the backstage on goings from ballet, etc). I like to think a message or energy imparts through my work to whomever is viewing it and moves them somehow.

You have recently had an exhibition ‘BEING’, tell us a little about that?.

My recent inaugural solo art exhibit – Being was a retrospective of the journey I have taken in life, through my art. The pieces reflect my life’s journey and experiences in becoming a successful artist – BEING. I hope to inspire others and give hope to those who experience similar struggles; to create a safe place to share and discuss mental health matters, as well as how mental health awareness is reflected in society and the real world. My art is proof of the possibilities, capabilities, strengths of living and surviving, BEING human.

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Marie Tomeoki-人物とコンテンポラリーアート:

Marie Tomeoki(留置まりえ)30歳、日本の東京生まれ。その作品は変わり行く自分のイマジネーション、人生経験と感情を表す。


















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