Raising Mental Health Awareness Through Art - メンタルヘルス問題の理解を一緒に進める:

Welcome to, where you can view, purchase or commission original, modern art to compliment your home - click to view Marie Tomeoki online art gallery. I hope to raise mental health awareness through creative art, collaborations and open discussion.

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Mission | 起源

A place to openly discuss mental health without judgment; complimented by my contemporary art, through which I share my own experiences, with the hope of raising awareness and reducing stigma.
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New Art Project | 新作

Nihon Mukashi-banashi: Inspired by Traditional Japanese Folk Tales, passed down through generations. I remember these stories being read to me by my grandparents in Japan when I was little.
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Purchase Art | 購入方法

Marie Tomeoki art work is available for purchase through my on-line gallery, at exhibitions, or in person. Get in touch via the ‘button below’, through my ‘contact page’, or 'social media' (below).
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Commissions | 特別注文

Are you looking for unique, original art work, or prints especially tailored to your living space?. Get in touch for a custom art piece, that can be painted to your requirements for any room, or event.
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